Pioneers in the production of pistachio, the Casal da Cotovia Agricultural Society affirms itself as a company with knowledge and practice in the cultivation of this plant. As such, we provide a service of cultivation and monitoring as well as the sale of the plants to companies that decide to exploit this crop with high profitability in sight.

We plant today a future that our customers wish to reap tomorrow

We cultivate your Pistachio


Using the favourable climatic conditions to the cultivation of pistachio, we provide a service of cultivating the pistachio plant, aiming to create an efficient and profitable crop to our customers. We seek to provide and implement solutions, that despite it being a plant whose profitability is not in the short term, will help us create healthy and vigorous plants to our clients.

We supply your plants


In addition to marketing the pistachio plant, we help decide the most suitable plant variety to be cultivated in the exploration of our clients, according to the climatic conditions of the region, and its respective hours of cold in the winter and hours of  heat in the summer.

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Filipe Sampaio Rodrigues



Filipe Sampaio Rodrigues